Apricot blossoms

The gobblers feel the spiring sun.My uncle has so like gobblers.

The spiring flowers.Dandelon? I do not know.

Peharps, they feel the coming of the spiring.

The grass in the spiring.

This is big tree.I do not know the name in English.In Azerbaijanian language we say Goyrush tree.I do not know these its blossoms or the leaves.If these are blossoms ,then we can say Dark red or black blossom.

White flower.How do You find this one?

White flower.

The bees feel the spiring.

The blossoms of the Blackcurrant..I think they are very lovely.

The blossoms of the alycha tree.

The blossoms of the apricot trees.In the first and third photo I changed the real size.Second photo is very real.

The blossoms of the apricot tree.

New blossoms.I do not know the name of this tree.